Our company provides the highest quality of service, employing qualified and experienced technicians who receive on going training.
Speedy resolution of any technical issue is of crucial importance to our professional customers, who are our main priority. In order to deal with this necessity we operate under the following rules:

  1. Primary contact with the client is made by technicians who can easily understand/ see on the spot what the malfunction is and can decide what needs to be done
  2. We keep high level of spare parts stock therefore repairs can take place even on the spot. Having stock allows us to complete most of the repairs in 1 to 2 working days
  3. We have selected offices that are easilyaccessible from all parts of Athens so our clients don’t need to travel long distances to reach us.

We undertake repairs to any type or model of cameras, lenses, flashes, (including previous versions) using the latest equipment.