Who are we

Alexandros Tsaknaridis

Alexandros Tsaknaridis Alexandros started his career in 1992, after he completed his studies in Electronics. Following his father’s steps, he took over the management of the company in 1995. He is specialized in the repairs of cameras (DSLR). He is very passionate in what he does and needs to be well informed. This is why he doesn’t miss the opportunity to attend international fares.

Dimitris Louris

Dimitris Louris

Dimitris started his career in 1990 in CONTAX-YASHICA where he had the role of service department manager. In 1993 he joined Audiocam- Intersys as the manager of camera service department. He stayed in this position until 2000.
In both positions he received extensive training by the respective companies.

He is specialized in the repairs of lenses and flashes. In 2001 partnered with Alexandros and formed the new company Camera Repair.